Tuesday, 26 February 2008

ACW Zouaves


This lot are Foundry ACW Zouaves, painted as the 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves. I spent just under an hour a figure on these (a bit longer than the [Carolingian spearmen](http://www.nirya.be/snv/ttm/archives/000285.html), as these have more detail).

If anyone's interested and will be at the Red Barons show next Saturday, I'm thinking of putting these up for sale in the Bring and Buy.

Next up are 8 Foundry Swedish Great Northern War figures. [The project](http://www.nirya.be/snv/ttm/archives/000284.html) starts.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Carolingian spearmen

These are the 8 [Artizan](http://www.artizandesigns.com) Carolingian spearmen I finished over a week ago, but only managed to photograph today (lazy 'r' us):


They were finished metal to varnish in 3.5 2 hour painting sessions, so less than 1 hour per figure. I'm happy that I've been able to keep my painting perfectionist side down and painting volume up.

Next up are a set of 11 Foundry ACW zouaves, painted as the 1st Louisiane Zouaves (not the Louisiana Tigers), who are already about half done.