Friday, 9 March 2012

Wargaming Battle Notebook

Over the years, I've played many many wargames. Of some of these games, pictures were taken. Others are only remembered. Probably many are just forgotten by all players involved.

When I moved to a new house about 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to keep a journal, making an entry for every wargame played in the wargaming facilities. As I already was a fan of Moleskine  notebooks, I bought myself a new one, and started to make battle reports.

The reports are interspersed with photographs, briefing sheets, some memorabilia from times long gone. In essence, it is becoming a bit of a wargaming scrapbook. Just the way I like it.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Continuing my tradition of only showing newly painted figures after they have been used in anger at least once (in this case in the first game or our version of the Raid on St. Michel mini-campaign):

IMG 2778

These are Cossacks from The Assault Group and were painted to fulfill the role of light cavalry for either side in my Great Northern War armies. More are to follow. This particular lot I named the Siniĭ Cossacks. If you know Russian and Google Translate was correct, you'll see why :).

The basing might seem a bit funny - they're on 60x20mm bases which look a bit too long and narrow. But that's intentional, as the unit of 6 figures will have the same footprint as a regular cavalry unit (which I base on two 60x60 stands) when closed up.