Monday, 30 October 2017

Some more figures painted

I finished a couple of figures over the weekend.

First. some retro scifi miniatures from Hydra Miniatures:

Saturnite Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing:

2 Chaos creatures from Eureka Miniatures, and "Dulle Griet", a promotional figure from the CRISIS convention in Antwerp:

And finally, some Victorian Horror figures: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Jack the Ripper, and a ghost Lady. Manufacturer unknown ...

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (5)

As part of the "Ziggurat of Doom" scenario during CRISIS 2017, my plan is to pimp the scenario a bit and allow for the appearance of random monsters, which can align to either side. I selected a few of my 80s-era miniatures, which also have entries in the WFB1 rulebook.

The cards listing the statistics, and which will be used during the game, are shown below.

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (4)

In preparation of our Crisis 2017 game (a replay of the scenario "The Ziggurat of Doom"'using Warhammer 1st edition rules), I decided to make some cards as a quick reference to the various statistics of troops involved. SInce the whole idea is also to use vintage miniatures, a photograph and some info of each of the miniatures is included on the cards as well.

Below you see the cards for the Goblins that will attack the Ziggurat.

Some items from the recycling shop

I scored a few items at the local recycling shop (""kringloopwinkel" in Dutch) this weekend. Apparantly they had a sale, and managed to get a large number of train sets. There wasn't too much that could be used for wargaming purposes (most of the sets were modern trains), but I bought a few items, shown below. Two freight cars, and a hay wagon, both in HO scale.