Sunday, 23 November 2008

Roman legionaries

[My Celts]( "My Celtic army") were starting to feel lonely without some Romans to bash, so after having seen the [Warlord]( "Warlord Games website") figures at Crisis, I buckled and bought two boxes of the plastic Romans for them to play with (even though they are historically incorrect - by the time the Romans were running around dressed like this, the Celts were well and truly subdued and part of the Roman empire). Pedantics aside, here they are (bases are not finished yet, as I'm waiting to do this until the entire unit of 16 is done):

Roman legionaries

They've been painted using the famed Quick Shade method, on which there will be a seperate blog entry soonish. They're also waiting for some shield transfers, which I'm still deciding on.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Nostalgia: Shootist game 11/11/2008

(yes, I still update this blog :) )

Last week, we had a blast of a Shootist game, using our hexified version of the old Shootist rules. As these are probably long out of print, I don't think there's a problem in putting the quick record sheet (from which a group of adult wargamers can pretty much play the game) online [here]( "Shootist QRS"). There's also a [character record sheet]( "Shootist character record sheet") available for download.

Pictures of the game can be found in [this set]( "Shootist game photo set on Flickr") on [Flickr]( "My photostream on Flickr"), as well as (currently, until they rotate out) in the sidebar on this blog.

We played three (very) loosely linked scenarios.

1. Free the safe cracker

An expert safe cracker was taken into custody by the sherriff and needed to be freed and escorted safely off the table. Two teams of two shootists each opposed each other in this: Koen and Eddy versus Graham and myself. The game resulted in a victory for the Koen / Eddy team. Eddy's shootists was killed in a gunfight, but Koen managed to snatch the prisoner and run off with him in a narrow escape.

2. Rob the bank (or in this case, the Whiskey Bar and Hotel)

With the knowledge on how to crack the safe now safely in their hands, three shootists (Koen, Graham and myself) had to get into town and get the gold, opposed by lone gunman (Winchester rifle) Eddy. Eddy was killed after a protracted gunfight with Koen and Graham, after which Graham shot Koen in the back (boo, hiss). While all this was going on, I (slowly, going through a stream) walked up to the safe, calmly took out the gold and then shot Graham who sought to contest my claim to the gold.

3. Get the gold out of town, under attack from Indians

In this game, Koen, Eddy and myself needed to get the gold (generously shared :) ) out of town on a wagon (which could only cross the river at one bridge), while Graham played a bunch of Indians trying to prevent this. This was a very closely contested game, with Graham, Koen and all Indians except for the rifleman dying in various fun and gruesome ways, and me speeding the wagon past the last remaining Indian who was taking potshots at me all the while.

I think fun was had by all, so definitely up for repitition, I'd say.