Poltava (Crisis2010)

At Crisis 2010 we ran a game based on the battle of Poltava. Due to the size of this game, we took a somewhat different approach towards the conduct of the game.

The game was driven by drawing cards. Each card stipulated what happened in the battle. E.g. several named units would move forward, would fire, etc. The result of these actions would be determined by the dice, but the action itself could not be chosen. Hence, bystanders watched the battle unfold, but could have fun by moving troops, rolling dice, etc.

The flow of the battle was divided in 3 different fases, which are also indicated in the document below.
  • The 1st phase was the advance of the Swedish army towards the Russian lines.
  • The 2nd phase started when the Swedish units were close enough to the Russians to engage in firing etc.
  • The 3rd phase started when both lines were engaged in melee.
The frequency of events based on the card draw sort of mimicked the historical flow of the battle.


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