WW1 House Rules

During 2006-2007 we played quite a few WW1 games. I developed some house rules for fighting WW1 trench warfare, which you can download here. The rules are called "Hier ons bloed, wanneer ons recht?", and is a reference to a famous quote from Belgian/Flemish WW1 history. If you're interested in this tidbit of history, Google is your friend ;-)

These rules are not terribly original, and I borrowed ideas from other commercial rulesets and some freely available rulesets that were available online at the time (sorry if I borrowed your ideas and you're due credit). We haven't used these for quite some time, so please use at your own risk :-)

Some pictures of those games can be found on these flickr streams:
Scenario Briefing sheets (contains random events etc.) These are "raw" texts, written for use by the gamesmaster and our own gaming group.
WW1 Game, 2006

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