Wild West (Crisis 1997, 2002, 2016)

Our rules for Wild West gunfights go back a long time. We have been playing this period for over 20 years, and have collected a decent amount of scenery and figures, both in 28mm and 54mm.

Our house rules originate from a little ruleset called "Shootist" (link to Boardgamegeek), which was published by Bumblebee Games in 1994, and written by Derek Sorensen as the author.

Our large Shootist game, run at CRISIS 2016
The core of the rules is still recognizable, especially the range modifiers table, but we have streamlined most of the other parts over the years. I haven't even looked at the booklet myself for over 10 years, while working at our own variant now and then.

  • Rulesheet (latest version, May 2016)
  • 1000 random Shootists - these were generated using a quickly coded-program, and lists "usable" profiles, e.g. with relatively high Draw, Shoot and Dodge scores. Roll a D1000, and you have a random shootist! We used to call this list the Shootist-O-Matic.
  • Cards, which can be used to deal each player a random shootist and random equipment. Also, mission cards are included which give each player a secret mission as an alternative to the "last man standing" scenario.
  • Shootist in 28mm was the first game we ever ran as a participation game at CRISIS 1997.
  • We ran another Shootist-based ACW game at CRISIS 2002.
  • For our 20th Crisis anniversary in 2016, we ran yet another Shootist game, this time in 54mm, in cooperation with our friends from PMCD.

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