Thursday, 28 September 2017

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (3)

A few more paintjobs have been finished for our CRISIS 2017 game.

The idea still is to play the Ziggurat of Doom scenario from Warhammer 1st edition, using vintage miniatures that were available during the early eighties, and could have been used to play the scenario when Warhammer 1st edition was published in 1983 or shortly thereafter.

Earlier, I already reported on 12 Minifigs Forest Orcs that were finished.

Fellow wargamer Wim VdB (check out his blog) has now finished the dwarves (including Thorgrimm Branedimm), and some goblins and orcs.

First, we have the dwarves:. These are pre-slotta Citadel, and you can see the Thorgrimm Branedimm model as well.

 Next we have Chronicle Orcs:

And finally Ral Partha Orcs:

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Some chaotic conversions (2)

Earlier I reported on some conversions I was working on ... chaos knights with mutated slithering insect bodies. Here they are painted

The base is kept rather simple - green grass as I use for all my fantasy figures. I had to contrast the green body of the snake-like figure, so I decided to surround him with a glossy shade of greenish blue. I also had 2 Nurglings lying around, so I added them also to the base of the figure.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Gandalf and Hobbit Children

When you're in a bit of a painting funk, which I definitely am at the moment, one of the things that can help is to radically change what you're painting. In my case, I switched from historical figures to something more fantasy like:

That's the old Gandalf and hobbit children from Mithril Miniatures. I bought it decades ago in our Lonely Mountain period in Leuven and it has been laying around unpainted ever since then. Now it's painted :).

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Some more Aegyptus figures

It seems I'm on a painting spree lately. Four more figures finished from the Aegyptus range from Crocodile Games (see also this earlier blogpost).

Also, don't be alarmed by the high frequency of fantasy or scifi topic on this blog lately. We're still firmly entrenched in historicals as well!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Large insects

Another victory over the unpainted lead pile. This time some giant insects.

First are some giant termites, originally 15mm Demonworld figures. They came with goblin riders, but I think they can serve my wargaming needs better without them.

Next a humanoid mantiss. This is a "Mantis Krieger" from Excalibur Miniatures. No idea how it got in my collection, but it was there, so I painted him. Could be the general for an insectoid army, or an alien, or a Chaos creature, or ... anything really.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Some chaotic conversions

I made a few quick conversions today - some slithering Nurgle Chaos Champions - from old parts I had lying around.

The first photograph shows the various parts.  The bodies of the Chaos Knights are from Citadel, and were once sold as leg-body pairs (see their old catalogue pages here). The bodies are (from left to right): A Lord of Atlantis figure from Heartbreaker's Magic the Gathering range; a termicatus body from Demonworld; and a spider body from Marauder miniatures.

Given the insect-like or slimy nature of the body parts, Nurgle seems an appropriate team, so the main colour will be green.

Individual body parts
Holes drilled and wire (still to be clipped) glued in,
Bodies attached.
Green stuff (not very visible) to fill up holes in the body-body joint.

This blogpost shows them painted.

Situational vs Inherent die roll modifiers

A new post on our sister-blog, Wargaming Mechanics, about die roll modifiers.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Minifigs Forest Orcs

My first batch of Minigis Forest Orcs, for our upcoming CRISIS game, is finished. The idea is still to run the Ziggurat of Doom scenario from WFB1, using WFB1 rules and vintage fantasy miniatures.

I have painted them in an early 80s painting style, which really is an excuse for my below-par painting skills.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Eureka chaos creatures

I am currently painting some Minifigs Forest Orcs for our upcoming CRISIS game.

But as a quickie, I decided to paint some figures from the Eureka "Chaos Army" range I had lying around. These have a distinctive "Jeroen Bosch" feeling to them; weird little critters that can serve as familiars, little demons, chaos mutants, or depraved humans that will burn in Bosch' depiction of hell for eternity ;-)