Thursday, 28 September 2017

Game for Crisis 2017: Oldhammer WFB1 scenario, Ziggurat of Doom (3)

A few more paintjobs have been finished for our CRISIS 2017 game.

The idea still is to play the Ziggurat of Doom scenario from Warhammer 1st edition, using vintage miniatures that were available during the early eighties, and could have been used to play the scenario when Warhammer 1st edition was published in 1983 or shortly thereafter.

Earlier, I already reported on 12 Minifigs Forest Orcs that were finished.

Fellow wargamer Wim VdB (check out his blog) has now finished the dwarves (including Thorgrimm Branedimm), and some goblins and orcs.

First, we have the dwarves:. These are pre-slotta Citadel, and you can see the Thorgrimm Branedimm model as well.

 Next we have Chronicle Orcs:

And finally Ral Partha Orcs:

1 comment:

  1. Hey!
    These little fellows look familiar.
    I hope they are of good use.

    Thanks for the recent exchange of some figs Phil!
    Soon to be painted, if I find a gap in my recent busy schedule.