Friday, 14 September 2018

Strontium Dog

Warlord has released its new game, Strontium Dog. Strontium Dog has always been one of my favourite 2000AD comics. It always had the right blend of good storylines, nerdy and quirky humour, and a good scifi setting. Along with Rogue Trooper, it was obviously one of the main influences for the original Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader game.

My Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog volumes in my personal library.
Other than Judge Dredd, probably the most famous 2000AD character, I think Strontium Dog lends itself very well to a miniatures game. Actually, our own Antares 2401 campaign was started with the Strontium Dog universe in mind. Strontium Dog has always been very much mission and adventure oriented. We once tried the Judge Dredd roleplaying game back in the 90s. It was not a success - everyone was using Judge Dredd quotes all the time. That was it. No plot, no game, and I still feel bad for the GM who was a huge Judge Dredd fan at the time. It might be different in the combat-oriented Strontium Dog universe.

So, will I be getting this game? Hell yeah! If not to play it, just for haves. I'll probably buy a box and some other stuff at Crisis 2018.

Monday, 3 September 2018

3D Dungeon

Since I started this hobby using fantasy miniatures and Warhammer 1st edition (and only switched to historicals later), I still have a huge soft spot for fantasy games.

One of my friends asked whether I could stage a fantasy game now and then. Okay, not a problem, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring out my Hirst Arts 3D Dungeon again.

No game has materialized yet, but I was thinking of using the Frostgrave engine to stage a few dungeon explorations, just like in the old days.

Overview of the dungeon
Some old Citadel figures
NSFW miniature
An old Citadel Fishman in the pond
More old Citadel goblins roaming the dungeon
A room with some Grendel scenery elements
Another overview
And a last picture ...