Red vs Blue (Crisis 2013)

During Crisis 2013 we ran a real-time, mass-participation wargame. The idea was to get as many players involved as possible. We achieved this by handing out 1500 specially printed playing cards in the convention hall. Each card listed a specific order, and when you came to the gaming table, and the clock was right, you could plan your order. The clock had three coloured sections: Red, Blue and black. During red or blue time, orders could be planned for that side. During black time, all planned orders were executed by the umpire. The game ran continuously, governed by the clock. By distributing cards in the convention hall, curiosity of visitors was raised, and they would come with their card to the gaming table to see what was going on.

The full design of the game was published in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames, issue 380 (December 2014).

Gaming materials (references to earlier blogposts):
Some pictures from the convention day:


  1. Probably the best participation game ever !
    I even remember finding a new card into the lunch area and running back to the table to blast a tactical nuclear warhead. :-)
    Kind regards,

    1. Benoit,

      I am glad you liked the game! Although such an effort is not for every year, of course.

  2. It was a great game, I played quite a few cards over the course of the day. That's me in my kilt in the second last picture.


    1. Jim,
      Glad you liked the game. Yes, I remember very well you had a game next to our table and you came over quite a few times :-)