Sunday, 24 May 2015

Oldhammer: Norse & Barbarians

Some more pictures from my ongoing effort to photograph and catalogue my entire collection of miniatures. This time, it was the drawer that contains all Norse / Barbarians. These figures came into my collection through 2 acquisitions from ex-wargamers a couple of years ago. Hence the different basing styles.

All figures are either from the Citadel Norse/Barbarian range, or from the Grenadier Barbarian range. Especially for the Citadel figures, an exact reference is sometimes difficult, since some of these figures changed categories over the years. However, most can be located in the 87 and 88 Citael catalogues.

At the end, there are a few unknowns, so any help in identifying these is appreciated (update: one of the images has been identified as Harlequin Barbarians)

Citadel Norse with swords.
Citadel Norse with axes and spears
Citadel barbarians/Raiders - except the figure in the middle front, which is a Grenadier figure.
Warhammer Quest Barbarian
Citadel Norse
Part of the Barbarian army, but originally figures from the Citadel Chaos Thugs range.
Grenadier mounted barbarians.
Grenadier barbarian shamans.
Grenadier Barbarian archers
Grenadier Barbarian swordsmen
Grenadier barbarian command figures
Grenadier Barbarian Axemen
Unknown - possible Grenadier figures?
Harlequin Barbarians


  1. Some of the bottom minis are Celtos I believe, not sure if anyone still makes 'em but you should be able to bring them up on line.

  2. Thanks for the tip! Celtos is indeed a range I didn;t look into yet. They are still available from Brigade Models, so I will start browsing their online photos ...

  3. It's interesting to see someone else's collection of minis that I've got a lot of :)

    I loved those Grenadier barbarians back in the day, I picked them up whenever I had enough pocket money. The cavalry I used as mounted thugs on the later GW Maurader cavalry minis.

    Thanks for posting up part of your mini force :)

  4. I identified the last image (4 figures) as barbarians from the Harlequin range. See the website of Black Tree Design for more info.