Friday, 1 May 2015

The Quest for Fantasy Skirmish Rules

Many moons ago, I started out as a fantasy wargamer (WFB 1st edition!). This was my first foray into miniature wargaming, after a healthy diet of Avalon Hill boardgames. As a result, I have amassed hordes of fantasy miniatures over the years. Sadly, they haven't seen much use during the past 10 years or so.

Due to the success of our Antares campaign, in which every player controls one squad in a continuing series of special operations, I was tinkering with the idea of doing something similar for a fantasy setting.

The idea would be that all players control a warband of fantasy personalities and monsters, all camped in the city. This city is located on the edge of the civilized world, from which expeditions are mounted into the Desolated Lands, in the hopes of finding treasure (this setting will be based on our fantasy cmpaign world Dor, which we developed for the Dutch FRP Schimmen & Schaduwen 25 years ago).

Anyway, the question is what rules to use. As in Antares, I really like it when we develop our own rules as we go along. This results in a ruleset that focuses on those aspects that most participants like, and never develop the ballast that never gets used anyway.

However, I recently learned about two new rulesets that might fit what I am looking for. The first is Dragon Rampart, a variant of the medieval Lion Rampart rules, and the second is Frostgrave. I think both look promising, and I will certainly check them out.


  1. Dragon Rampant is something that caught my eye also.
    This looks promising for fantasy skirmish games. It might enforce me to finaly start repainting those old fantasy figs, which are now gathering dust.
    I still have some time, the rules will not be for sale before the end of 2015.

    1. Indeed, it would be a shame not to use old fantasy figures. That's why we are starting to develop our skirmish warband rules. It would also definitely be an option if the campaign can evolve such that players could use their own figures ... why not?