Thursday, 21 September 2017

Gandalf and Hobbit Children

When you're in a bit of a painting funk, which I definitely am at the moment, one of the things that can help is to radically change what you're painting. In my case, I switched from historical figures to something more fantasy like:

That's the old Gandalf and hobbit children from Mithril Miniatures. I bought it decades ago in our Lonely Mountain period in Leuven and it has been laying around unpainted ever since then. Now it's painted :).


  1. Very bice Bart!
    You don't want to know how much money you would need if you wanted to buy this set now on ebay (if you can find it).

    To be honest, I should start painting my huge pile of Mithril figs also, but there are a bit too much projects going on currently...

  2. Very nice paintwork. And glad to see you're out of your painting slump. I have a few globlin miniatures waiting for our CRISIS 2017 game :-)

  3. What a lovely little vignette, which you've really done justice to. Great work!