Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Some chaotic conversions

I made a few quick conversions today - some slithering Nurgle Chaos Champions - from old parts I had lying around.

The first photograph shows the various parts.  The bodies of the Chaos Knights are from Citadel, and were once sold as leg-body pairs (see their old catalogue pages here). The bodies are (from left to right): A Lord of Atlantis figure from Heartbreaker's Magic the Gathering range; a termicatus body from Demonworld; and a spider body from Marauder miniatures.

Given the insect-like or slimy nature of the body parts, Nurgle seems an appropriate team, so the main colour will be green.

Individual body parts
Holes drilled and wire (still to be clipped) glued in,
Bodies attached.
Green stuff (not very visible) to fill up holes in the body-body joint.

This blogpost shows them painted.

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