Sunday, 23 November 2008

Roman legionaries

[My Celts]( "My Celtic army") were starting to feel lonely without some Romans to bash, so after having seen the [Warlord]( "Warlord Games website") figures at Crisis, I buckled and bought two boxes of the plastic Romans for them to play with (even though they are historically incorrect - by the time the Romans were running around dressed like this, the Celts were well and truly subdued and part of the Roman empire). Pedantics aside, here they are (bases are not finished yet, as I'm waiting to do this until the entire unit of 16 is done):

Roman legionaries

They've been painted using the famed Quick Shade method, on which there will be a seperate blog entry soonish. They're also waiting for some shield transfers, which I'm still deciding on.

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  1. Beautiful job on the Roman models from Warlord. Would you happen to have a painting scheme handy for a novice?