Saturday, 18 September 2004

Renegade Celtic chariots

Last weekend, a news entry on [The Miniatures Page]( caught my attention: [Renegade Miniatures]( was waiving P&P on any orders made during the weekend.

I knew that Alan had some WWI figures from them and was very enthusiastic about the quality of the figures, so I decided to have a look at them. It turned out that they have a range of Celts available, and I'm planning on building Celts for a [WAB]( escalation campaign / league we're setting up (I already have a DBA army of them, which, when I add a general and standard bearer model, will already meet the first goal of 500 points).

Back when [The Foundry]( was repackaging and remolding its ranges into their current pack format, they had a few sales where they sold off big bags of leftover figures that were still cast from the old (non-pack) molds. I bought the Celtic bag (and the Northern European Bronze Age one), which basically included one each of their Celtic ranges of figures (there were two), so I already have all the infantry and cavalry I will need. However, chariots are something I can still use (I have two Foundry ones painted, plus another three Old Glory ones awaiting paint), so I ordered the [boxed set]( of [Celtic chariots](, which includes three chariots with two crew (warrior & driver) each for �20.

The new toys arrived yesterday. One thing I noticed is that the boxed set is very well produced, at least when compared to some other 'boxed sets' from other manufacturers which turn out to be simply a number of ziplock bags when you order them by mail. The Renegade boxed set features an attractively colourful box cover, which includes a painting example and a short historical blurb on the troops inside the box. The miniatures themselves are sealed in a plastic bag, which is wrapped in bubble wrap inside the box.

On first look, the miniatures look very nice (although the sword on one of them seems a bit too caricatural), and are very well produced (no immediately visible flash lines, mold half dislocations or any other miscasts) and clean. I think I'll be assembling one of the chariots _real soon now_ to see how they paint up.

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