Thursday, 21 October 2004

Blitzkrieg Commander: initial impressions

I ordered a (relatively) new WWII ruleset by the name of [Blitzkrieg Commander]( after a good review on [Wargames Journal]( of it. The ruleset is written by Pete of [Wargames Directory](

It arrived in the mail today, and I briefly skimmed through it over lunch. First impressions are that it's a fairly hefty tome, being thicker than most wargames rules booklets (about double the thickness of [Rapid Fire](, if you want to have a reference point). The first bit covers the rules and is lavishly illustrated with in game photos demonstrating the rule mechanisms in question. The layout of this is fairly unimaginative, with a single column of photos alongside the text, but it is refreshing to see these kind of illustrative photos in a wargames publication, where usually we should be happy if we get line drawings illustrating a few salient points here and there.

The rest of the book is made up of army lists covering one of the most wide selections of theaters and nations I have encountered so far in single volume WWII rules -- they even include Belgians! Finally, at the end of the book there's a few pages of manufacturers ads and a few references to web pages on WWII and its theatres of war. This is no less as what we would expect, considering the fact that the rules hail from a miniature wargaming directory site.

Well, that's all I have been able to glean from the book so far, as duty called me away from it before long. I'll put up a proper review of the rules after I've read the book, and after I've played a game with them.

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