Monday, 17 January 2005

Remember: lighting is everything

Andy over at [Little Lead Heroes]( [found]( a great [article]( on building light tents for photography of jewelry items -- luckily the tricks described in the article can also be used in miniature photography.

As I mentioned in [part one of the miniature photograpy series](, lighting is _everything_ in photography of tiny tin men, and this kind of light tent setup is invaluable in achieving good results that don't require much post processing in an image editing program. I'm going see if I can build one!


  1. You might be interested in seeing how I built a light tent, and how it improved my photography:

  2. I've just been over to [LLH]( to look at Andy's [light tent]( His idea of using cheap PVC tubing from the hardware store as the frame is a gem -- I think I'll build a permanent photography setup like that once we move into the new house (with the wargame attic :) ).
    Great stuff, Andy!