Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Romano British slingers

Romano British slingers

These are of course the [ex Pictish ones](http://www.nirya.be/snv/ttm/archives/000268.html), now painted.

These took me a bit longer than an hour apiece, for the simple reason that I lost momentum halfway through painting them (sick children and sick self), and it seems it is difficult to pick up again. Also, when I started painting them again, I slipped back in to 'full on' painting mode instead of my fast painting mode. I caught it quickly however :).

Next up are some command figures for my Romano British cavalry units that are still without.


  1. Wooow awesome.
    When I saw them after you applied 'the green' I though: "Boy did he mess up some fine figures". But the results really proved me wrong.
    I repeat: Awesome!

  2. Wout,
    thanks for the compliment!
    Your comment actually shows one of the 'dirty little secrets' of figure conversion -- it's actually dead easy, or at least a lot easier than one would think. It doesn't matter how much you mess up with the green stuff (within reason, of course): once it's painted, nobody can tell the difference!