Thursday, 11 November 2010

Crisis 2010 - Poltava game thoughts and documents

Update January 2014: Links to documents at end of document restored.

We took our Poltava game to this year's Crisis. The game was well received we thought (at least it seemed there was nary a moment when there was not at least one person taking photographs of the game) though we did not win any prizes with it. Some pictures (among many others) can be seen on various forums:
Let me just copy one of the last forum's pictures here, which shows what happens when you let one of our more enterprising members umpire the game :) : the ahistorical collapse of the Russian left flank.


Anyway, while there have been some rumblings and musings in the extended gamer group (all four or five of us :) ), we had fun on the day and we got two 18th century horse and musket armies out of it, which we intend to use quite a lot.

I'll leave you with two documents for the game: the (English language) handout and the list of cards (and thus the rules) we used for the game.


  1. It was an excellent game, Bart, and deserved a prize. But the criteria they employ for best games seem to have no relation to reality. Well done anyway.
    I'm shocked by the account of the irresponsible umpire by the way ;)

  2. Hi,
    When I tried to look at the Handout and Cards, I received the message "Sorry, these pages do not exist." I'd really appreciate looking at these, as I am just getting into the GNW (using Zvezda figures).


    Chris Johnson