Monday, 31 December 2012

Final unit for 2012: Roman auxiliary archers

Painted a few days ago, photographed today, the last unit completed in 2012:

IMG 3083

They're reinforcements for my Roman army, which I hope will see lots of action in 2013. The figures are Warlord Games Western Auxiliary archers, I strung the bows with normal-ish sewing thread.


  1. Great! Like 'em a lot. Especially the detail with the strings is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! Honesty compels me to say that the strings look more impressive than they are though. It looks like each string is wound around the bow at top and bottom of the bow itself - this is not the case. The windings around the bow itself are sculpted on the model, I just strung the wire from top to bottom of the bow (cut a tiny notch in the bow and superglued the string in there). With careful painting, you can then make it look as if the string is wound around the bow :)