Monday, 16 September 2013

Wet Paint: first Reaper Bones figure

A good week ago I received my big box of Reaper Bones (I pledged at Vampire Level in the Kickstarter so I got a box of 200+ miniatures). This is the first of them painted:

IMG 1440

Meet Elkar Levanas, called the Blood-Eyed, Guardian of Kandor, Master of Everhome and archmage of Nirya. The figure is called Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard, on the Reaper site, but in my world (Nirya, of course) this is Elkar the Blood-Eyed. Elkar is the most powerful mage of the land, the equivalent of wizards such as Mordenkainen, Elminster and Raistlin in other campaign worlds. And yes, his looks (if not his character) are very much inspired by that last mage, who has always been my favourite among the 'official' game world mages.

I gave myself two points for this one as I went full-on three (even four occasionally) layers for his paint job. This photo does not really show that, something I will remedy later with a better 'studio' photo.

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