Monday, 13 October 2014

Jealous ...

I am currently painting up some miniatures for our upcoming covention game, to be staged at CRISIS in a few weeks.

On the painting desk are a few of the Reaper miniatures I acquired from their Kickstarter campaign last year. I went to take a look at the Reaper website for some painting examples. Two figures in particular, the Large Earth Elemental, and the Spirit of the Forest, both currently on my painting desk, made me almost give up on painting. The painted examples are so well done, that in those few seconds looking at them, I really had an existential crisis (pun!) about my painting skills.

(Photo from Reaper website)
But, after those few seconds, I realized there's no point in putting the paintbrush down forever. I might never that level of sophistication, but at least the figures that will grace my table will my painted figures. And that is worth a lot.

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