Saturday, 13 June 2015

In Flanders Fields ...

Because of the association of the poppy with world War 1 remembrances, many people seem to think that the poppies are 'blowing' in November.

Not so! I live in Flanders, and the poppies blow in June. These days, you can find them along roadsides and fields, especially in the more rural part of the country.

There are quite a few opposite the road from our house ...

A bunch of poppies opposite our house. This month, you can find them everywhere alongside rural roads and fields.
And since I took the photograph this morning, I also took a few from poppies I could find in my wargaming room:

Portrait of Ann's greatgrandfather. Never returned from the war, and grave only located in the nineties.
A framed version of John McCrae's poem in the wargaming room.
The commercialization of World War 1 ...
One of the many books and booklets I have on World War 1 and what it meant for Belgium. Since Napoleon and Wellington are also hot in the news these days, the decided they wanted some attention as well.

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  1. Very true so about poppies, Phil.
    Just a few weeks ago I had a short vacation in southern France. I don't think I've ever seen more poppies!