Sunday, 15 November 2015

Simple scifi buildings (2)

I wrote before that I started constructing some simple scifi buildings, probably for use in our Antares campaign.

Due to the Crisis 2015 preparations, I couldn't work on them any further, but yesterday I had a dozen minutes to kill so I "pimped" them with some simple plastic parts I had lying around in my bit's box (actually, some of them are parts from disassembled computer mice, a clock radio, etc.)

Next phase is to spraypaint them, after which I might add some more painted-on details such as markings etc. I tend not to put too much effort in projects like these, because most likely they will be one-use only.

The nice thing of compiling a complete magazine index of my wargamining magazine collection is that I can quickly locate a similar modeling project that was published in issue #30 of Battlegames magazine. Although the project in that article made some colonial-looking buildings, it was still useful to take a quick look and see how Diane Sutherland had done it.

Modeling project in issue #30 in Battlegames magazine


  1. It reminds me of the habitation domes I used to make for Warhammer 40K out of halved ping-pong balls. I love low-tech scenery!

  2. Matthew,

    I love this type of scenery as well, especially for one-off projects. It allows for a wide variety of settings in our scifi campaign, without having to spend money on more qualitative scenery items. I am all in favour of having a decent scenery collections, with a few high-quality generic pieces you can use across many periods and games. But for those specific things of which you know you will only use them once or twice ... some cardboard thingies are the perfect solution!