Thursday, 21 January 2016

MWBG 394 added to the database

The title says it all ...

Also, I added 4 issues of Wargames World to the growing list of articles.


  1. Now that is fast!
    I have yet to receive my copy!

    1. I received it in the mail this morning ;-)

  2. Which is your favourite of the miniature wargame magazines? I am thinking of splurging on a subscription but I haven't decided which I'd go with. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Matthew,

      It depends a bit on your personal playing preferences of course.

      Currently I am subscribed to both MWBG and WSS, and I like MWBG for its atmosphere and "DIY" feel towards wargaming. MWBG has a regular number of opinion pieces on how to approach the hobby, and is almost not tied to any existing ruleset. I think it's the better magazine for the DIY wargamer.

      WSS I prefer for its in-depth coverage of the theme that is featured in a specific issue: history, scenarios, miniatures, ... all linked to the same conflict. That gives a nice overview, and for a wargamer with a broad interest, you can always find something useful. It also has regular opinion pieces, which I like reading a lot as well.

      MWBG is monthly, WSS is bimonthly. The latter is sometimes a bit too long for a wargaming junkie :-)