Monday, 14 March 2016

More old fantasy figures

I am always on the lookout for old fantasy miniatures. This weekend, I came in the possession of some old figures through wargaming friend Wim VdB.

The figures are a mix of Minifigs and Ral Partha, and all date from the 70s or early 80s.

The first figure, shown above, is still in the original bag. The label says it's  Land Dragon with Mounted Captain 9ES34, or 01-34), from the Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Night range. However, the dragon looks more like the dragon (with wings!) from 01-083, War Dragon with Knight. The cardboard label was folded over and has a stamp on the inside that mentions "83". More details on the Lost Minis Wiki site.

 Top row:
  • Minifigs, Valley of the Four Winds, Forest Orc with Double headed Axe (VFW11)
  • Minifigs, Valley of the Four Winds, Forest Orc with Cat O'Nine Tails (VFW13)
  • Minifigs, Valley of the Four Winds, Forest Orc with Spiked Club (VFW12)
  • Asgard, FM92 Mounted Knight of Chaos
  • Two Drunken Gnolls - Citadel - FTG10
Bottom Row:
  • Minifigs, Mythical Earth Range, Man Orc w Axe (ME9)
  • Heritage - Der Kriegspielers Fantastiques - Lesser Goblin
  • Trill (Ral Partha Things that go Bump in the Night, 01-062)
  • Ral Partha, E232 Sea Elf, attacking in full length chainmail and cloak
  • Ral Partha, E551 Southron Heavy Spearman, advancing Wizards, Warriors and Warlocks
  • Unknown Ral Partha, but couldn't identify yet.
  • Minfigs, Valley of the Four Winds, Small Winged Fairy Standing on Tree, VFW14


  1. Phil,
    I'm almost certain that the bottom left figure is from the Minifigs Mythical Earth range. There should be ME plus a number on the square base. I think it is a "Man Orc".

    Mythical Earth is a very old "not-Middle-Earth" range of figures.

    Succes with the collection!

  2. Check

  3. My first "wargames army" was made up primarily of the Der Kriegspielers Lesser Goblins as well as some of the assorted other orc/goblin figures from the same range...they were based to WRG standard and hold fond memories