Friday, 9 September 2016

Simple scifi buildings (6)

I finished my simple cardboard building. It is a cardboard packaging shape. I added a cardboard tube, and put a polystyrene ball on top. I also delved in the bits box and added some smaller items to give it some more detail.

The whole was quickly spraypainted. The dome was gridded using the layout of a D20. I painted in some of the details with Boltgun Metal, and added yellow/green tape for an industrial look. The whole should serve as a communications station ...

It is a simple and crude building, but it goes together well with my other scifi cardboard buildings. Moreover, it has a nasty old-school feel to it, not unlike the old modeling projects for "Oldhammer 40K" or Rogue Trader.

For size comparison, I dug out a few old Rogue Trader era miniatures. An Ogryn is defending the comms station against an attack by a pair of Ambulls. And yes, I know Ambulls are supposed to dig underground ...


  1. Great buildings. I'm definitely going to make 15mm versions. It's amazing what the tube and sphere adds. I think the paint scheme also really helps.