Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Vintage Fantasy Figures (3)

I managed to identify some more figures from the batch I acquired some time ago (see also previous blogposts).

Some more Citadel, but rather from the historical ranges than the fantasy ranges:

  • 2 figures from the Medievals range: M& Infantry in Aketon with Hand Weapons
  • Dar Ages range: DA21 Crossbowmen
  • Dark Ages range: DA23 Staff Slinger
  • Might be a DA78 figure, but not sure
Some more Ral Partha:

  •  E311, Dwarf of the Anvil
  • 3 copies of E111 Halfling Esquirw
  • ... both from the Wizards, Warriors and Warlocks range
And finally  3 Ninja Warriors from Dixon Miniatures:

  • SN1 Ninja throwing Shuriken Star
  • SN1 Ninja shooting short bow
  • SN3 Ninja charging with sword

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