Monday, 3 April 2017

Cards for Dragon Rampant

I've always liked the somewhat erratic nature of fantasy games: random abilities for units, random spells for wizards, weird and unexpected effects, strange monster abilities, etc. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Warhammer 1st edition was my entry into miniature wargaming, and that I still consider Warhammer 3rd a very fine book. Some players hate it, exactly because you had to determine a number of things randomly (spells, chaos attributes, ...), but I always loved it for that.

Anyway, I want to instill the same flavour into our Dragon Rampant games, hence I came up with some cards that allow us randomize the game accordingly. The cards are shown below, and contain abilities for leader figures (more or less taken from the DR rulebook), spells (we draw 3 spells per wizard at random), and a random ability for a magic sword (instead of the vanilla enchanted weapon that is described in the rules).

We'll test them out during our next DR game.


  1. What? Playing a game with random elements? Isn't that were modern GW went in more recent times. Personally, I always appreciated the complexity of the older editions of the game (or indeed) any more complicated board game. Something that I still look for in computer games to this day. How do you intend to use these cards?

  2. If a unit has an echanted weapon, we draw a random card for its ability. FOr wizards, we draw 3 random spells. The cards for leader abilities are simply a different form of the table already in the rules.

    Didn't Slaves To Darkness (WFB3) have all this random stuff as well (chaos attributes, weapons, ...). This is a rhetorical question ;-).

  3. Thanks for caring your idea and the cards Phil