Friday, 10 November 2017

Saxons intercept Romano-British supply convoy - mayhem ensues

This game was played a while ago at my place, before Crisis somewhere in October. It was an Ancients game using my Romano-British and Saxon/hairy barbarian collections in a scenario from one of CS Grants excellent scenario books. The scenario was 'Wagon train' and involved the Romano-British attempting to get a wagon train of supplies to a hill fort while the Saxons must prevent this. The rules used were Hail Caesar. Phil played the Saxons, I played the Romano-British. Scroll down past the photos for the result of the game :).

The game ended in a Saxon victory, after the Saxons broke the final Romano-British unit between them and the wagon train -- the comitatus itself. During the game, it looked like the Romano-British cavalry would sweep all before them, but they took to long to recover from a breakthrough and march back to the main battle to prevent more Saxon infantry to break through the comitatus and capture the wagon train. Oh well :)


  1. Great fun! I am just rediscovering Grant's great scenarios myself and applying them to a range of games from big battles to skirmish games. Good stuff.

  2. It was a fun game, with odds for victory in the balance for a long time, but in the end, the Saxons prevailed! :-)