Saturday, 18 December 2004

Black Gobbo magazine

While being generally historical wargamers, we do peek over the fence occasionally and look at the wild and wonderful world of [Games Workshop]( games. While there certainly are parts about the whole GW _spiel_ that grate on me, one thing that they do extremely well is generate enthousiasm for the hobby and all areas it encompasses. And they support it well on the Internet (which is something I find myself considering an ever more important part of what I look for in the various outfits supporting our hobby).

One of the best examples of this last is the excellent [Black Gobbo Magazine]( published regularly by [Games Workshop US]( This magazine usually features articles that are interesting and useful for all kinds of wargamers, and not only GW players. Sure, their will be articles on the [Battle of Maccrage](, which is perfectly understandable, given that it supports their latest WH40K release, but there are also many articles on the modelling and painting side of the hobby. Their [latest issue](, for example, has an [article on large bases]( and one rather goofily named [Stupid Hobby Tricks]( that nevertheless features some useful tips & tricks.

I can heartily recommend this magazine to all miniature wargamers - it has earned its place in my bookmarks list!

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  1. Yes, I agree, GW has some pretty good ideas, once you can convince yourself to look past the GW-specific Warhammer smokescreen they've been laying.