Sunday, 2 January 2005

Two zero zero five

Now that we're all (hopefully) safely on the other side of New Year's Eve (by whatever name you may call it -- I particularly like the sound of _Hogmanay_), allow me to open a new year's worth of posting with a predictable set of best wishes to all our readers: may your dice roll sixes and your brushes always be wet (in the words of fellow wargamer Willie Bogaerts) in 2005.

That's it for festivities and well wishing for now. The next festive moment will be one year of [TTM](/snv/ttm) or 100 posts, whichever comes first (to give you an idea, this post is number 62).

Happy New Year, all.


  1. Hi Bart
    Beste wensen to you all, as well. I like the way, BTW, that you have hyperlinked the reference to TTM in your nice message - just in case we get lost? ;)
    Look forward to the first game of the year, now that (I hope) the work on the tsunami is dying down (for my bit of the Commission at least, even if not for those affected) and that the family has departed!

  2. Actually, there's a reason for the linking - some people might be reading TTM trough its RSS feed, and this will help them find the way :) Of course, it might be my self promotional instinct that causes me to emphasize every occurence of TTM to the fullest :)