Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Packing Miniatures - part the second

Some time ago, [I inquired](http://www.nirya.be/snv/ttm/archives/000081.html) as to how to pack miniatures for the upcoming move (this Saturday is D-Day). A number of helpful suggestions were offered, which I have followed to some degree.

Yesterday evening, I spent some quality time in the basement packing the various boxes, drawers and whatnots full of miniatures. In the end, I used the following method to immobilise the miniatures in their drawers (they are normally stored in a number of cheap drawer units):

1. Fill the drawer with styrofoam pellets until just above the tallest miniature. Take special care that the pellets buffer the figures from the wall and, if possible, from each other.
2. Fill up the remainder of the drawer, if any space is left, with bubble wrap or wadded up plastic shopping bags
3. Stack a second drawer on top and repeat until a stack of about 30 cm height is reached (one foot to imperials)
4. Put a sheet of hard cardboard on top of the topmost drawer
5. Tape the lot together

This leaves me with a handy 30x30x30 stack of taped together drawers, with the miniatures inside relatively safe from jostling about, as long as no one puts the stack upside down somewhere.

BTW, the impending move and last minute finishing of the house are the reason I've been pretty quiet around here lately. Expect this quietude to continue throughout the week and possibly the week after, as I have no idea when I'll be online again after the move. Luckily, the other authors seem to take up some of the slack.


  1. Bart, You will find that they won't suffer even if they are upside down using this method. I've done the moving thing 5 times now. Have faith!

  2. A 30x30x30 stack of drawers? That's 27000 drawers? I didn't know your collection was that big.
    Anyway, good news for the movers. Now you won't be able to tell whether a drawer would be missing ... .