Saturday, 11 June 2005

Bridges of Mechelen County virtual game - player's briefing

I'm putting on a 'virtual' WWII game, where the game is physically played on a terrain up in my attic by myself, but the players themselves are sitting at home behind their email programs. The players represent various levels of commanders and send in orders to the umpire, who carries them out on the tabletop, and sends back pictures taken with a digital camera down at the level of the figures. The idea is to create a 'realistic' fog of war experience, with the players only seeing what the miniatures are actually 'seeing'.

Anyway, I'll post the occasional report on the game progress here, but here's the general briefing document for the players:

PDF Document

BMC Virtual game briefing

196K PDF document


  1. Bart,
    this looks less like Bridges than it does Operation Shield Friendly, which we played so successfully at Crisis. Is this a shrewed bit of Flemish Maskirovka? Please recall that I am easily confused.
    Oberschnitzelfuhrer Roghers

  2. Ho ho,
    the PDF and the link are different. Very clever.
    I stand impressed.

  3. Ah yes, our Flemish cleverness has tricked many an innocent foreigner in the past. Luckily, we have an adroit foreign minister to explain this all to you :)