Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Germans invade Belgium! Stopped at Rupel!

Brave Belgian defenders under pressure!

Currently set up in my wargame room is a 1940 WWII game featuring Alan's Germans versus my Belgians. We're playing [BKC](http://www.wargamesdirectory.com/html/bkc/default.asp), and the scenario is a river crossing. About 2/3rds of a regiment of Belgian infantry supported by some armour (for a very loose definition thereof) is defending the Rupel against a heavily panzer-reinforced regiment of German infantry.

The game is currently starting turn 4 of 12, and the Germans are closing in on the Rupel. Nothing much has happened yet, except for a Belgian artillery strike temporarily delaying one of the German infantry battalions, and some Belgian casualties in the initial exchanges of fire. This is the situation at the start of turn four:

The situation at the start of turn four

As you can see, I have set up two lines of defense with the Belgians, in what I hope is a mutually supporting defense. Time will tell whether this is a good idea -- I'm starting to doubt it, given the fact that the low Belgian command values mean that most of my firing will be done in the initiative phase (where troops can fire at close by enemy without orders), and for the second line, that means they only fire when the Germans are already across the river.

Add to this the fact that I neglected to lay enough mines to cover the table, and that one of the gaps in the minefield is being exploited by a battalion of German infantry _with assault boats_, and one has the makings of an interesting situation for the Belgians.

Time will tell...

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