Wednesday, 24 August 2005

For the number crunchers among you

I've recently added a [Sitemeter counter]( to [Tiny Tin Men]( to keep track of the vital statistics of this website. Here are some interesting results:

* We're avaraging around 80 visits a day, with no noticeable upward or downward trend so far
* These visits are mostly from places around the world one would expect. Most unexpected places visiting us are Kuwait, Iceland and someone who got through the Great Firewall in China:

![Visitors to TTM from across the world](/snv/pics/various/ttm_visitors.jpg)

* By far the most popular way of getting to TTM is by Googling. The most popular searches leading here are for [dbm 3.1]( and [Blitzkrieg Commander]( For the first query, we're the number one result in Google, for the second we're just behind the [BKC page]( itself. The most funky query leading people to TTM is for 'tiny niples'. I'll let people figure out where that leads for themselves.
* The referrer that lead to the most visits is from [this review page]( on the BKC page.
* Web page statistics are addictive

Returning you to the regular programming now.

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