Friday, 30 May 2008

The Big Move

After living in the same house since 2001 -- where I set up an entire room as a wargaming room -- I'm moving to a different house. Biggest change will be I am not going to live there by myself, but with a "woman of the opposite sex" (to paraphrase Herr Flick from 'Allo 'Allo).

So what has this do with wargaming?

1. Since I have to pack everything, I realize I have a LOT of wargaming stuff. And I mean a lot! I've been collecting things since the late eighties, so that's a huge collection. Not that I don't sell things. I've sold sizable chunks of my collection before, but the acquisitions still manage to outnumber the sales. Moreover, some things will be difficult to move. A 3 foot by 2 foot castle? A 2 foot by 2 foot pyramid? All kinds of scenery items that don;t seem to fit in normal-sized boxes? Anyway, I'll have to find a solution ...

2. Since I have a wargaming room now, I also want a wargaming room in my new home. However, as I said before, I won't be living there by myself, so I'll have to play a little committee game first. But things look good for now, although it probably won't be as cosy as my attic.

UPDATE (29 July 2008):
It has been a while since I moved, and most of the wargaming stuff is unpacked. I am using the garage as my new wargaming room, and it seems everything will be ready in due time to host a game somewhere in August.

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