Sunday, 18 October 2009

Bavarian Temptation

Why, oh why did Foundry lower prices on [these]( to something only a bear's whisker north of 1€ per figure?

OK, I already own one of these armies (and one unit is [already painted]( ), but with a second one I'll have just about the entire Bavarian army of the period at a 1:30 scale.

Tempting, very tempting...


  1. Insane as it may be, with my current output of 20 points per year! (and no sign of improvement), a stockpile of unpainted figures (among which a complete 2000 pnt Roman army), and my latest actual game played several years ago, I almost caved and ordered their Hun+Allies WAB army!
    almost that is... I was filling in my credit card details, when sanity struck
    them horsies look nice though...
    I always loved my LH and Cav armies in DBM...
    Painting a horse ain't that difficult...
    That just leaves about 50 huns...
    and 61 germans...
    but I can do those later...
    bet you prices will go up in coming years...
    maybe I could see this as an investment ... :-)

  2. Resistance is futile. I ordered the Bavarian army Monday, and it's currently sitting in a TNT warehouse awaiting a second delivery.
    There is still time to buy the Huns :).

  3. Not that I'm caving in ;-), but in what supplement are they featured and do any of you have possible opponent armies running about?

  4. Hairy barbarians, both on and off horses? You could use them as most of the opponents of the Late Roman and Early Byzantine armies at any time, up until the early Middle ages, I would say.
    So you could use suitable barbarian lists from Fall of the West, Beyond the Golden Gate or the old Nomadic Hordes list from Armies of Antiquity. I have all three books, should you want to borrow one :)
    As to opponents, my Romano-British could easily stand in as Late Roman, and I think there is a proper Late Roman army running around somewhere as well I think (David or JP?). Plenty of choice :).

  5. Oh dear, Bart, this will keep you busy! But I suppose every respectable gamer should have a Napoleonic army in his collection?

  6. Caved... I'll make an appointment with Wargamers Anonymous