Sunday, 20 December 2009

Painting log: Bavarian Napoleonic battalion, first half

Despite the afternoon being spent doing heavy remodelling on the blog software, I did manage to finish 12 Bavarian Napoleonic figures tonight. I'm painting them up as the first battalion of the first regiment, with the [earlier battalion]( becoming the second battalion of the regiment.

The idea is using these units (24 men to the battalion, or 1:20 or thereabouts in figure to men scale) in brigade level rules, where the battalion is the basic unit represented. With my current amount of lead, this will give me about 6 regiments of infantry. I can also go 'grand manner' and combine two battalions into a single 48 man regiment (or battalion). Finally, by upping the nominal figure to man ratio to 1:40 my 24 man battalions become regiments and I end up with the entire line infantry component of the 1812 Bavarian army.

As I expected, painting these figures 12 instead of 24 at a time makes things a lot easier. To wit, I finished all the white, which as we know is [a b*tch to paint](, in a single painting session. When doing them 24 at a time I could not bring myself to keep on painting the dreaded white and consequently painted that colour in three or even four sessions.

That adds 12 points, for a total of 31 this month. Next up is the second half of this battalion, which includes a mounted officer.


  1. Bart
    Have you any idea which rules you are using for these? I am presently reading Black Powder, Lasalle, Napoleon and Rank and File. I like all of them so far so I shall likely make sure that the 25s that I am painting for the 100 days are compatible with all of those rulesets.
    For the moment though I am working on Perry AWI - largeley to re teach myself to paint 28s.

  2. Hi Graham,
    that's actually an interesting question, the answer to which I'll probably do a blog post for. I currently own Napoleon, Black Powder and Republic to Empire. I'm leaning towards the latter.
    As to basing, I'm basing all of my infantry on 15mm frontage, with 24 men to the battalion, and 6 stands (to represent the six companies) for French and Bavarians. As far as I can tell, that basing standard can be used for all of the recent crop of rules, so should not be too restrictive.
    There's also our version of Tactique! we use in the hexified Napoleonic games. For that, three of the stands form 1 unit (a brigade).