Monday, 11 November 2013

Wet Paint: Arthur

IMG 1543

This is a Foundry Arthur (one of many in my collection :) ) which has been on and off my painting desk for a couple of years now. In a bid to clean out the painting queue before my move, I finished painting him yesterday evening. This figure was painted in full–on–four–layers–with–knobs–on style (it goes to 11)—deliberately so to see if I could still do it. This of course takes time so I have generously awarded myself 5 points for painting it.

I plan on finishing the basing of this figure and then selling it (Ebay or through some forums). With the current popularity of Saga and Dux Britanniarum it should hopefully fetch a good price.


  1. Your Arthur is amazing! I especially like the off-white.

  2. Superb! A favourite from the Foundry range excellently painted.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Lovely model, and excellent paintwork!

    I have to admit I have that very same miniature stacked somewere in the Lead Mountain for many years.
    One day...

    1. Hi Wim,

      I'm not surprised - I think over the years I've owned about five or six of this particular model, and I'd not be surprised if there's still an unpainted one somewhere in my Lead Mountain. This was the iconic Arthur figure for a very long time (there are now many offerings by other manufacturers) and it has not lost any of its glory IMO :)