Tuesday, 25 February 2014

II/2.IR - 2nd battalion of the 2nd line regiment 'Kronprinz'

These guys finish off the first brigade of the first division of VII (Bavarian) Corps of the 1809 Armée d'Allemagne:

2nd battalion 2nd line

Their sister battalions (I and II/1.IR and I/2.IR, as well as 1st Light Infantry) have long been painted, and now the brigade is complete. The plan for the Bavarian army now is to model the second brigade of the first division, which was composed of regiments with yellow facings (4. and 6. IR if I am not mistaken).

The above and their fellow Bavarians will see another outing in the next game at the new Command Post. But that's for later, as first there will be the opening game at Phil's new wargaming premises!

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