Sunday, 2 March 2014

Inaugural game

A quick post to say that we played the first game in the new wargaming room this weekend.

We played a straightforward ACW game, using our house rules developed over the years. Bart took the Confederacy, definfing a hill position, while I took the Union, trying to attack that very same position. A nice bottle of prosecco (offered by Bart) and a nice tasting of the relatively new Belgian whisky "Gouden Carolus Single Malt" brought us in the right mood.

Not wargaming figures, but the drink that goes with the game.
 The game was a fairly straightforward matter, since I didn't really have the time to prepare a full scenario as we usually do. Units were brought on the table as reinforcements, as long as figures were available. Apparantly, this gave an edge to the Union, and it was decided that the Union held a smal moral victory at the end of the wargaming day.

All in all, the new room functions ok. I still need to work on some things, such as providing some music, but overall, the new premises seem to work.

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