Saturday, 8 March 2014

Painting table Saturday I - various ancients

Never one to miss a bandwagon to jump on, especially when it increases the post count, here's my first Painting Table Saturday post:

On my ever-so-slightly-out-of-focus (no idea what the camera AF thought to focus on) painting table today are:

  • Various Romanish figures and four stands of Thirty Years' War pikemen awaiting basing to be finished
  • Two stands of Swedish GNW cavalry awaiting rebasing to 60x60mm bases
  • Various bits of baggage for my next Ancients game (hiding behind the wet palette box)
  • Two GNW figures by Warfare Miniatures
  • 9 auxilia awaiting a bath in Army Painter dip

These last two items are here in close up:

Again, an equally out of focus photo, but at least in this one you can see the AF selected the bottle of Creall brown paint to focus on :)

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