Saturday, 15 November 2014

Oldhammer: Bretonnia vs Skaven

Two weeks ago I was lucky to get my hands on a very good set of the classic Mighty Fortress, sold by games Workshop in the 80s. I decided to get some of my old armies out, and make a little diorama where a Bretonnia fortress was under attack by a horde of Skaven. Almost all figures are Citadel from the 80s.

Some pictures could have been sharper, but blame the auto-focus on my camera  ;-)

A general overview of the table.
A unit of cavalry, no Citadel figures, but old Grenadier figures IIRC. In the foreground some old Ral Partha cavalry.
Bretonnian cavalry, plastic knights from the boxed WFB 5th edition set, and the 2nd and 3rd row knights from the MB game Battlemasters.
More knights. The figure in front is a conversion. Horse from WFB 5th edition basic set, and the body of the knight from the old Bretonnian Knight range from the 80s.
Line of knights - all old Citadel models.
Another overview of the castle.

Some old Citadel figures are manning the ramparts.

Action in one of the city squares. Except for the dog, all Citadel.
The herald alarms everyone within the city walls. Citadel, 5th edition WFB, IRC.
Two thieves trying to steal some gold from each other. Citadel figures from the 80s.

More action going on in the backalleys of the city. Citadel figures.
Reinforcements are coming! Old Citadel figures from the Fighter range,
Cart is from Wargames Foundry, 2 figures on the right are Citadel.
Clan Eshin ready to storm the walls.
Clan Moulder with their pack of giant rats.
More Clan Moulder with giant Rat Ogres.
Converted skaven unit. Bodies are from the Warhammer Regiments boxed set, heads and arms from various plastic toy animals, but also other Citadel miniatures.
Armoured Skaven.
Plague Monks on the left, some Jezails in the middle, and a large unit of plastic Warhammer Regiments skaven on the right. Insipiration for the banner came from an illustration in the WFB 3rd edition Warhammer Armies book.
The rat drawing in the middle provided a template for the banner in the image above.
Skaven Screaming Bell (4th edition, IIRC). In front a converted rocket battery. Original model was a Hobgoblin rocket battery, but the equipment was transferred to some skaven models.
Skaven horde as seen from the Bretonnian side.
Fortress as seen from the Skaven side.
Fortress as seen from the Skaven bell.
Monstrous host for the Skaven army. A jabberwock, Hippogrif, and Chimera.
Manning toe towers. A wizard is ready to cast some fireballs.
Another view of the Bretonnian Knights.
Someone is having some fun. Model from Metal Magic, I believe.
Another wizard recruited for the war effort.
And another one ...
The archers on the ramparts are from WFB 5th basic set.
An old Citadel cannon.
Skaven archers. Converted from Goblins from the Warhammer Regiments boxed set (and added pastic Skaven heads)
Flamethrower teams.
Monstrous host, with banner. The chaos script on the banners were real achievements from my old chaos warband.
Some more shots of city life.
A smuggler.
Two citizens wondering what to do.
Two citizens. I believe the figure on the left to be toe Royal Gamekeeper, and the figure on the right an illusionist wizard.
Attempt at trying to get the city in one frame.


  1. I can't believe it has taken half a year for someone to comment on this post and tell you how amazing your setup is! I found it after googling images for 'oldhammer Bretonnian'. Very pleased I did as this is a real treat! Great work!

    1. Chris,
      Thank yo for the nice comments! I also posted this on the Oldhammer GOogle+ group, and there were some nice comments there as well.

  2. It's great to see those Battlemaster models painted up to a great standard! I have quite a few, and I'm now inspired to start painting them.

    1. Yes, Battlemaster miniatures are an underrated species ;-) Although they do not have much detail, they paint very fast and are good to fill out rank-and-file troops.

  3. Wonderful to see so many classic figures painted and photographed so well! There is nothing quite like a classic Mighty Fortress as a back drop. Brings a tear to my eye...well done!

    1. Thanks, although I think you're a bit too kind about my painting. My painting style is really for the table, not for admiring looks when inspecting a figure up close. And certainly not the golden WD standard from the golden days ;-)