Friday, 21 November 2014


I almost never repaint my old miniatures. First of all, they are a reminder of painting styles at the time, and second, as long as there is lead in the pile, I don't see the point.

The only thing I do is repair and/or redo the base.

The miniatures below needed some minor touching up, so I thought I might as well show them here. All three of them were painted over 20 years ago, if I remember correctly.
The Djinn and Ettin are from Ral Partha, and the flying serpent is a Coatl from Citadel.

Addendum: Both Ral partha models are the "Marid (Genie), model 11-415", and "Ettin, model 11-410", and are listed in the Ral Partha 1995 catalogue, p. 31. A complete scan of the catalogue (along with many other catalogues from the nineties), can be found on page.

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