Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Next up on the painting table: Elves

My plan of moving through my pile of unpainted lead and plastic is nicely moving along. I try to group my painting into batches of thematically linked figures, e.g. all medievals, all scifi, etc. This doesn't always work for the odd figure here and there, it mostly provides a nice coherent feel to most painted units. Especially since I paint to a (some might say crude) gaming standard, it is important that the troops look visually as if the could belong together.

Next up are the Elves. Over the years, I never really collected a lot of Elves, apart from some figures for roleplaying, but below are the main units I plan to paint in the immediate future.

The plastic Elves from the WFB 4th edition boxed set. These were released in 1992.  I bought the box, but was already moving out of Warhammer at the time. Hence, these figures never got painted, apart from 8 spearman that I once needed for the Siege of Lowenheim game. The original pastic sprues also are listed in the 1992 catalogue.

An old set, but a recent acquisition, is the Ral Partha Elven Chariot, designed by Tom Meier. The first reference I could find is in the 1982 Ral Partha Catalogue. I bought this set a couple of months ago from Wim VDB, a fellow Belgian wargamer, who also has been in the hobby for quite a few decades. I really look forward to putting this one together and painting it. 


  1. I have one of those elven chariots kicking about in the leadpile - or a very similar one as mine came in one of the old Citadel white boxes. It would be great to see what you do with it and to see a painted version for inspiration!

  2. I have a bunch of the same plastic Elves. Been looking at them on and off recently. It might be about time to get my finger out.

  3. My main plan to paint them all in a similar color scheme - not high-elf like with much white and red, but a bit more dark, with black and blues, like the already painted spearman in the picture. The horses for the chariot will probably be in white/light-grey for color contrast.