Friday, 6 February 2015

Old Minifigs

I started with miniature wargaming during the 2nd half of the eighties, but only started to acquire the bulk of my wargaming figures somewhere around 1989 or 1990.

Hence, I am quite unfamiliar with ranges from the seventies. However, I have started to develop a certain fondness for old wargaming figures, and although I am not a hardcore collector, I try to pick up some figures here and there when another veteran wargamer sells off some of his stock.

This week I came into the possession of a couple of scifi and fantasy Minifigs, thanks to fellow veteran wargamer Wim VDB. I do not think I ever owned Minifigs before, although I am aware of the legendary status of this brand. So, I am quite happy that now I do have some old charming Minifigs in my growing collection of old-fashioned wargaming figures.

For identification, I turned to the excellent Lostminiswiki. Not all acquired minis are shown in the pictures below.

Some unopened packs! In this case, figures from the range Aurelea Rococo,
Knights of the Silver Rose.
Science fiction figures. A selection the Central Galactic Force, Samain, and Zarquin.
Some figures from the renowned Valley of the Four Winds range.
This range was really exceptional, in the sense that it captured a Breughel-like fantasy world.

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  1. Nice to see the old VFW figures. I once had a host of these, and some of the Minifig's sword and sorcery range, which all did great service in my early D&D games. Great post.