Thursday, 11 February 2016

Filling up holes in movement trays

Movement trays are very handy in a lot of games. But care has to be taken that the visual look of the game does not suffer. I hate it when half-empty or dirty or ugly movement trays are being used.

For our last game, I quickly made some standard bases with small scenic features which can be used to "fill up the holes". As you can see below, I used some rocks, a small tree, some skulls, a rat, etc.

Place them between your figures in a movement tray, and the visual appeal suddenly goes up by a factor of 10!

As an added bonus, you can give your army some additional flavour: use skulls and graves for an undead army, rats for a skaven army, or general scenery items or wounded figures for any historical army.


  1. now that is a neat little idea:)

  2. Excellent idea. Really helps to when some figures need a bit of space.